Our Project

Building the School:  The design and infrastructure of the school will fit the environment, providing easier access for the students to attend. A model for optimal learning, the school will promote simple and yet impactful technology addressing the various environmental challenges and needs in terms of energy, waterelectricity, hygiene, and sanitation.                                                                                                                      

Building the Playground: The playground will be a place where children can be children.  It will promote team building, aim to shape and strengthen the student’s identity, and inspire playfulness and creativity. This will result in a space for these children to foster their physical and spiritual development through play.

Building the CommunityThe parent skill building element of the programs will foster child engagement and interaction while strengthening parent-child relationships in the community.  There will be outreach initiatives for early enrollment in school and support programs for dropout prevention, focusing on the needs of students that face at-risk situations. Teachers who work with these children will have professional development programs to develop skills and techniques for play-centered on bringing out the creativity of the children.

Project Goal: To raise $100,000 between 11/1/2017 to11/1/2020